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'Rhythm & Rhyme - With Time for a Song'

Mike Smith

For audiences of all ages

                                                     HEALTH WARNING        Poems can permanently alter the state of your mind.

A poem in rhythm and rhyme about a walk I took with my wife from Grasmere in Cumbria to Ambleside.


We frequently walk this route, having learned that no walk is ever the same twice.


A Walk From Grasmere to Ambleside

'Rambling Thoughts'  

£5   First published, August 2013

Revised, January 2015

A poem in rhythm and rhyme about another walk I took with my wife from Grasmere, this time to Rydal.


We frequently walk this route as well, and seem to enjoy it more every time we do it.


'The Coffin Route'

A Walk From Grasmere to Rydal

£5   First published, May 2015

This has always been a delightful story .... but I have made Thumbelina a much more active character than she is in the original story!



Based on Hans Christian Andersen's original Fairy Tale

£5   First published, January 2016

With occasional background music and sound effects.


'Thumbelina' CD


£5   First published, January 2016

Said the Established Form to the Newcomer ...


“I’m a Real Poem!

Something you’re not!

A word of advice, if I may:

Tweets can’t be poems -

‘You cannot be serious’ -

Too short to have something to say!”


“How dare you insult me!

Of course I’m a poem  -

A Poetweet, if you must know:

I say what I like -

However I like -

Put that in your pipe …

Smoky Joe!”



Pump up the language!