T. S. Eliot said that we feel before we understand, so the more that we can energise language, through movement and voice colour - what I call 'pumping up the language' - the more that feelings will engage and understandings will follow.


Mike Smith  - Rhythm & Rhyme  


I call what I do Rhythm & Rhyme. Someone called it a 'brand of entertainment' recently .... well, it made my day!

Playing With Words!


"For dressing down,” Ma shouted,

“You deserve a dressing down!

Dressing up, my dear,

Is simply not a dressing gown!”






'Rhythm & Rhyme - With Time for a Song'

For audiences of all ages

Mike Smith

Howden, E. Yorks (Monthly R&R - November)

Goole Self-Help & Social Group, East Yorkshire

Hull Community Knitting Group, Hull

Brandesburton WI, East Yorkshire

Driffield Methodist Church Hall, East Yorkshire

Tickhill WI, Tickhill, Doncaster

Driffield Rec & Sports Club, Driffield, E. Yorkshire

Howden Memory Cafe, Howden, East Yorkshire

Howden, E. Yorks (Monthly R&R - December)


North Duffield WI, N. Yorkshire

3Bs Bridlington WI, East Yorkshire

Beech Tree House, Goole, East Yorkshire

Howden, E. Yorks (Monthly R&R - January)

Sewerby WI, Bridlington, East Yorkshire

Howden, E. Yorks (Monthly R&R - February)

Beech Tree House, Goole, East Yorkshire

Howden, E. Yorks (Monthly R&R - March)

Howden, E. Yorks (Monthly R&R - April)

Howden Memory Cafe, E. Yorks

Pocklington Arts Centre, East Yorkshire

Retired Unison members, Bridlington, E. Yorks.

Market Weighton W.I., East Yorkshire

Owston Ferry WI, North Lincolnshire

Bourne WI, Lincolnshire

Holderness U3a, East Yorkshire

Our City Festival, York

'Unison' Area AGM, Beverley, East Yorkshire

Loversall WI, Loversall, South Yorkshire

Methodist Church Hall, Withernsea, E. Yorks.

Carlton WI, Carlton, North Yorkshire

Howden, E. Yorks  (Monthly R&R - October)

Market Weighton Over-55s Club, East Yorkshire

Goole Cancer Support Group, E. Yorkshire

Howden, E. Yorks  (Monthly R&R - November)

Boston Ladies Lunch Club, Boston, Lincolnshire

Warmsworth WI, Warmsworth, Doncaster, S.York

Driffield School Staff Reunion, Driffield, E. Yorks

Brid & Wolds Labour, Driffield, E. Yorks

Cottingham WI, East Yorkshire

Sprotbrough WI, South Yorkshire

Howden Memory Cafe, Howden, E. Yorkshire

Withernsea FFF, The Methodist Hall, East Yorks.

Riccall WI, Riccall, North Yorkshire

Howden, E. Yorks  (Monthly R&R - December)


Burstwick WI, Burstwick, East Yorkshire

Howden Civic Society, East Yorkshire
Foston on the Wolds Village Hall, East Yorkshire
Howden, E. Yorks (Monthly R&R - February 1)
Howden, E. Yorks (Monthly R&R - February 2)

Balby WI, Doncaster

Kilnsea Christmas Folk, East Yorkshire

Withernsea Meths' Christmas Party, East Yorks

Cottingham U3A, East Yorkshire

Howden W.I., East Yorkshire

Howden & District U3A, East Yorkshire


Howden (two performances), East Yorkshire

Ideal Standard Fellowship, Hull

Hutton Cranswick WI, East Yorkshire,

Goole Oddfellows, East Yorkshire

St Ninian's Group, Hull

Rippingale WI, South Lincolnshire

Bricknell Methodist Group, Hull

Chapeltown WI, Sheffield

Easingwold U3A, North Yorkshire

Holmpton Village Hall, East Yorkshire

Newton-On-Ouse WI, N. Yorks (Xmassy R&R)

Howden, E. Yorks (Xmassy Rhythm&Rhyme)

North Lindsey U3A, N. Lincs  (Xmassy R&R)


Howden, E. Yorks (Monthly R&R - Jan)

Springhill Court, Easingwold, N. Yorks.

Howden, E. Yorks (Monthly R&R - Feb)

Witham-on-the-Hill WI, Lincolnshire

Hollym Village Hall, East Yorkshire

Broughton Village Hall, N. Lincolnshire

Howden WI, E.Yorkshire

Owston Ferry WI, N. Lincolnshire

Howden, E. Yorks (Monthly R&R - March)

Driffield Methodist Church, E. Yorkshire

Thorpe Hesley WI, Rotherham, S. Yorkshire

Sherburn Ladies Group, N. Yorkshire

Foston-on-the-Wolds V.H., East Yorkshire

Howden, E. Yorks (Monthly R&R - April)

Kilham WI, East Yorkshire

Howden, E. Yorks (Monthly R&R - May)

Boston Women's Luncheon Club, South Lincs.

Boston Women's Institute, South Lincs.

Sutton-on-Hull WI, East Yorkshire

Driffield U3A, East Yorkshire

Howden Memory Cafe, East Yorkshire

Springhill Court, Easingwold, N. Yorkshire

Pocklington Rugby In The Community, E. Yorks.

Blacktoft Village Hall, East Yorkshire

Carlton WI, N. Yorkshire

Howden Memory Cafe, East Yorkshire

Barnes Wallis Apartments, Howden, E. Yorkshire

Nordon Group of WIs, Goldthorpe, S. Yorkshire

Howden, E. Yorks (Monthly R&R - October)

Market Weighton Singing Group, East Yorkshire



Thorne Rotary, S. Yorkshire

N. Cave WI, E. Yorkshire

Howden Minster (Concert Season), E. Yorks

Rhythm & Rhyme - Howden, E. Yorkshire (2015ff)

A Bit of a Christmas Do, Howden, E. Yorkshire

Howden Show

Hull Folk Festival

Howden Sacred Heart Church, E. Yorks

Cruse Bereavement Service, Hull

Hemingborough V.H. N. Yorkshire

Snaith & District Historical Sty, E. Yorks

Keyingham V.H. Xmas Dinner, E. Yorkshire

Junction Arts Centre, Goole, E. Yorkshire

Fern Bank Court Residential, S. Yorkshire

Holme on Spalding Moor V.H., E. Yorkshire

Hanover Court Residential, E. Yorkshire

Goole Cancer Group, E. Yorkshire

Humbs/Lincs W.I., Worlaby, N. Lincs

Hemingborough V. H., N. Yorkshire

Junction Arts, Goole, E. Yorkshire

Howden Comedy Night, E. Yorkshire

Two East Yorkshire Birthday 'Do's'

Market Weighton Ladies Lunch Club, E. Yorks

Junction Arts, Goole, E. Yorkshire

Market Weighton, Country Women, E. Yorks

Isle of Axholme U3A, N. Lincolnshire

Brigg Live Arts Fest, N. Lincolnshire

Faldingworth & District WI, N. Lincs

Scunthorpe W.I., N. Lincolnshire

Weelsby W.I. Birthday 'Do', N.E.Lincs

Scunthorpe 'Heart to Heart', N. Lincs

Barrow Arts Week, N. Lincolnshire

Snaith Men's Group, E. Yorkshire

Eastrington V.H., E. Yorkshire

Bottesford W.I., N. Lincolnshire

Howden Rotary Club, E. Yorkshire

Howden Shire Hall, E. Yorkshire

Goldthorpe WI, S. Yorkshire

Market Weighton Over-55s, E.Yorks

Broughton Ladies Country Club, N. Lincs

Goole Cancer Support Group, E. York

Scotton WI, Lincolnshire

Pollington Country Women's Assoc, East Yorks

Rippingale V.H., Lincolnshire

Firbeck WI, Rotherham

Spalding Rotary, Lincolnshire

Armthorpe Golf Club, Donc, SYorksFed WIs (1)

Wortley Hall, Sheffield, SYorksFed WIs (2)

Goole Cancer Support

                                                     HEALTH WARNING        Poems can permanently alter the state of your mind.

Hepworth V.H., W. Yorkshire

Eastrington, E. Yorkshire

Rowley Manor, E. Yorkshire

Howden WI, E. Yorkshire

Carlton WI, N. Yorkshire

Airmyn, E. Yorkshire

Goole Flower Arrangers, E. Yorks

Northcliffe/Southcliffe WI, E. Yorks

Skipwith/N.Duffield V.H., N. Yorks

Snaith WI, E. Yorkshire

Bugthorpe V.H., N. Yorkshire

National School Gov'rs Conf, York

Swanland V.H., E. Yorkshire

Rotary Cabaret, E. Yorkshire

Laxton Lasses WI, E. Yorkshire

Millington V.H., N. Yorkshire

Barmby-Marsh Church, E. Yorks

South Cave/Wolds Rotary, E. Yorks

Beverley Rotary Club, E. Yorks

Humberside Federation / WIs

Howden Rotary Club, E. Yorks

Howden Probus, E. Yorks

Goole Rotary, E. Yorks

Snaith WI Christmas Party

Barmby-Marsh V.H., E. Yorks

Winteringham V.H., N. Lincs

New Holland WI, N. Lincs

Endsleigh Centre, Hull

Barton Rotary Club, N. Lincs

St Mary's Arts & Music Festival, Hull

Freedom Festival, Hull

Roxby WI, N. Lincolnshire

Howden Shire Hall Ball, E. Yorkshire

English Muse Coffee Shop, Hull

Thorne Rotary Ladies Night, S. Yorks

Wyke 6th Form College, Hull

Kingswood School, Hull

Kirton in Lindsay WI, N. Lincs

Endsleigh Centre, Hull

Swanland Festival, E. Yorkshire

A.W.A.K.E. U3A, E. Yorkshire

Wold Newton WI, N. E. Lincolnshire

Wardlow Church Dinner, N. Derbyshire

UNICEF Fund-Raiser, Howden, E. Yorks

Barmby & Hook Centenary, E. Yorkshire

Doncaster Women's Lunch .Cl, S. Yorkshire

Arts Safari, Hull, East Yorkshre