'Family Fairy Tales'

As a lover of fairy tales I have chosen five of the best-known, and perhaps best-loved of them, adapting and dramatising them as 'story poems' - or what used to be called ballads. 


Traditional stories continue to work their magic on our imaginations.

The sun was high, in a clear blue sky,

And the woods were filled with song;

The trees stood tall and friendly

As a little girl skipped along.


She kept to the path, as her mother had warned,

And remembered she mustn't delay,

As she carried her basket of sweet-smelling scones -

Freshly baked today .......

Little Red Riding Hood

Early one morning, in Curious Wood,

A long, long time ago,

When the sun was high in a blue, blue sky,

A voice cried out: "Oh, no!


"I've burnt my tongue!" yelled Baby Bear.

"My porridge is far too hot!"

"Did you blow it?" said Mummy and Daddy Bear;

"Oh!" Baby said, "Oh, I forgot." ......


& The Three Bears

Said Mummy to her pigs,

"It is time to leave home.

One! Two! Three!

You are on your own!


"Word of warning! Mind the Wolf,

'Cos he's a very bold,  clever old hungry Wolf!

With his huff and his puff

And his angry frown,

He knows if he blows

He might knock your house down!" ......

The Wolf

& The Three Pigs

Once, once upon a,

Once upon a time,

There were just three Billy Goats Gruff.

They lived on the land at the bottom of a hill

Where the grass was old, rough, tough.


Then Little Gruff, Middle Gruff and Big Old Billy Gruff

Raised their heads up high -

And there they saw,

On the side of the hill,

Some fresh green grass - "Oh, my!".......

The Three

Billy Goats Gruff

"Jack! Jack! Get out of bed!

Get out of bed, you sleepy head!

We have no food; please get up now!

Go to market and sell the cow!"


So Jack led Daisy up the road:

The more he pulled, the more she slowed,

And soon enough poor Jack sat down:

"I'm tired - still five miles to town ......

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Jack & The Beanstalk

Mike Smith  - Rhythm & Rhyme  


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