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                                                     HEALTH WARNING        Poems can permanently alter the state of your mind.

For audiences of all ages

'Rhythm & Rhyme - With Time for a Song'

A Message ....


A higgledy-piggledy website

A higgledy-piggledy mind

A higgledy-piggledy Do It Yourself

Of a higgledy-piggledy kind


But more or less up to date?

I'd like to answer "Yes"

In truth, I really should declare

"Yes - well more or less!"

Mike Smith




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Howden Rhythm & Rhyme

Our monthly Rhythm & Rhyme shows will now take a 'summer break' ... and begin again in October, with the venue  remaining as Howden Methodist Church. Where possible, shows will be on the last Friday of the month, as usual.

Tickets will remain at  £3

07866 259826

01430 431535



Mike's flexible charging makes performances very affordable

Groups/organisations: £1 per person (min.£40), plus travel.

Ticketed events @ £2 per person (min.£60) + travel.


Let me be clear - I've room for more -
I do not exactly have bookings galore!
At which I hear the nation cry:
"Judging by this ...
We can understand why!"

When people ask me what I do

I find it hard to say

"A bit of this ... a lot of that ...

A song along the way ..."


Comic sometimes ... serious others ...

Let me make it plain

The bottom line is simply this -

I hope to entertain!


Rhythm & Rhyme -

With a Laugh & a Song!


Glusburn & Crosshills WI

(nr. Keighley, W. Yorkshire)


Tuesday, 2nd July


Closed group event. For info: 07866 259826



A range of performances and performance talks for a range of occasions.