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                                                     HEALTH WARNING        Poems can permanently alter the state of your mind.

But more or less up to date?

I'd like to answer "Yes"

In truth, I really should declare

"Yes - well more or less!"



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Let me be clear - I've room for more -
I don't exactly have bookings galore!
At which I hear the nation cry:
"Judging by this ...
We can understand why!"

When people ask me what I do

I find it hard to say

"A bit of this ... a lot of that ...

A song along the way ..."


Comic sometimes ... serious others ...

Let me make it plain

The bottom line is simply this -

I hope to entertain!



A Rhythmic Rhyming Entertainment

With a Laugh & a Song!

Leasingham WI

Thursday, 18th July,


Leasingham Village Hall

Leasingham, NG34 8GQ





A range of performances and performance talks

for a range of occasions.

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A higgledy-piggledy mind

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Of a higgledy-piggledy kind

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every day ...


The past ...

Is always present ...

In the future ...

Mike Smith

'Rhythmic Rhyming Entertainment -

With a Laugh & the Sing of a Song'